Promoting healthier lifestyles with WDP

Posted at 03 Jul 2023

Wests Group Macarthur is excited to promote long-term healthy lifestyles and proactive diabetes prevention with WDP Lifestyle Plus, a healthy lifestyle program that supports individuals to lose weight and decrease the risk of developing diabetes.


WDP Lifestyle Plus Program is a free program that is designed to help members of our community create a healthy lifestyle and decrease their risk of developing diabetes. Participants will have access to a digital platform where they will be given one-to-one support and coaching. to help them achieve their goals.


Focus of WDP Lifestyle Plus Program


  • Achieving a healthy body weight
  • Healthy eating & long-term sustainable habits
  • Exercise
  • Improved lifestyle and quality of life overall


Program Eligibility


  • High risk of diabetes (Pre-diabetes/Borderline Diabetes/Impaired Fasting glucose. Impaired Glucose Tolerance)
  • Strong family history
  • Prior gestational diabetes diagnosis
  • High Body Mass Index (overweight or obese)
  • >18 years old
  • Reside in Macarthur


Sign up TODAY!


If you want to know more, how to sign up for the program or find out if you’re at risk of developing diabetes, WDP lifestyle plus will be at Wests League Club on 11th July from 9.30am, upstairs next to Senior Socials. You can also sign up now by emailing or visiting

Take the first step to a healthier you!