Our Commitment to Our Community



Wests Group Macarthur takes pride in designing and delivering community support services to the local Macarthur region and beyond. Wests Group Macarthur aims to identify the needs of the local community and develop actions that aid the strategic direction and overall benefit of the Macarthur Region and its residents be it education, donations or tailored strategies. Wests delivers funding through ClubGRANTS, a state wide initiative that assists in the significant financial support for projects and services local Clubs make in contributing to the well-being of their communities. We are part of the local ClubGRANTS round that provides the opportunity for local projects to apply for funding from Campbelltown Clubs. Campbelltown City Council and Sector Connect are responsible for overseeing the administration of ClubGRANTS in Campbelltown.


In the full year Wests Group Macarthur  proudly contributed a total of $3,103,598 via ClubGRANTS Categories 1 and 2  to community and sporting clubs in the Macarthur area, and a staggering $3,624,938 in Macarthur community investment in total. See our community pages for updates on the stories and progress of our recipients.


Wests will consider all applications for sponsorship and funding of programs in line with our values and deemed to be of benefit to the social welfare, education and support of individuals or groups. For more information contact our team on